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APEXX & MONEX partnership raises the payments bar for ecommerce operators


Two powerhouse disruptors in the card payments world have announced a collaboration expected to shake up existing run-of-the-mill payment services and bring significant added value to their current and new customers around the world.  

Working together, APEXX and Monex will bring the ‘best of all worlds’ to merchants and  shoppers by bringing six core profit-driven services together into one package. Features include  acquirer flexibility, rate optimisation, transaction cost recovery and end-to-end back office  treasury. Services can be launched for clients in just a matter of weeks. 

Both organisations are known for their focus on increasing the clients’ bottom line and both  concentrate on enabling merchants to capitalise on every possible cost saving, processing  efficiency and ancillary revenue line.  

Monex has a market-leading reputation, based on 23 years of world-beating achievements and  experience in 51 countries, operating Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC), Multi-Currency  Pricing (MCP), Treasury/Dealing Services and Transaction Cost Recovery Services. 

APEXX, the new ‘enfant terrible’ of the payments processing world, measures success for its  clients in terms of bottom line revenue growth, increased consumer reach and higher  conversion rates for its merchants. Its core revolutionary services, Smart Transaction Routing  and Acquirer-Agnostic transaction processing complete the six, key revenue-positive services  which this new solution delivers. 

Greg Kane, Monex Commercial Director, said: “The collaboration idea came about as a result of work which the two organisations carried out for a mutual customer. It quickly became clear that  we have a superb repeatable, client-centred operating model here. We’re bringing together the new merchant revenue lines which Monex creates and the outstanding efficiencies and  increased transaction completions which APEXX’s revolutionary approach brings. These will  bring multi-million-euro upsides to our clients all over the world.” 

Peter Keenan, CEO and Co-founder of APEXX Global, said: “Monex has been shaking up  payments markets all over the world since 1997 and was always a logical partner for APEXX, as  we bring our disruptive approach to merchant payments infrastructures all over the world. It’s all  about serving merchants better and enabling them to serve their shoppers better. At the same  time, we’re enabling our merchants to win on every possible ancillary revenue line, every  possible saving, every possible efficiency.”