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Challenger bank bunq enters the mortgage market

Challenger bank bunq enters the mortgage market | Fintech Finance

bunq becomes the first European challenger bank to offer mortgages, entering the mortgage market through a silent partnership. Thanks to this partnership bunq users can now empower people to become homeowners, removing boundaries traditionally associated with obtaining a mortgage.

Research from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs shows that the steady and at times exponential rise of housing prices makes it increasingly difficult for people to gain access to the housing market. This trend is seen across Europe and particularly affects younger people, whose access is further restrained by increasing student debts.

As the only bank in the world where its users decide what happens to their money, bunq has the freedom to invest its users’ funds to meet their preferences. Many bunq users expressed their desire to help people experience the freedom of owning a house.

Ali Niknam, CEO and founder of bunq, says: “To many people, owning a house is an important step in experiencing true freedom. We are proud to be a part of that great feeling!”

As the first European challenger bank to enter the mortgage market, bunq takes yet another major step in creating a fully fledged banking experience based on the wants and needs of its users.