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coinpass launches easy-to-use Crypto app in the UK to accelerate the adoption of digital assets in the country


coinpass, voted “best crypto exchange platform 2020” by CityAM, has launched a simple-to-use app to allow users to buy, sell, trade and hold crypto within a safe, secure and technology-driven infrastructure. The aim is to make it easier for the residents of the UK to purchase and manage a portfolio of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple straight from their mobile phones.

“The UK is fast becoming a major market for digital asset investing as the interest in alternative asset classes grows in the citizens as well as government,” said Jeff Hancock, CEO of coinpass. “coinpass is proud to provide a method by which people can easily invest in digital assets directly from their mobile phones without having to learn how to navigate complex trading exchanges or managing their private keys. Combining the familiarity of banking with the limitless potential cryptocurrency offers our users, we are excited to launch our coinpass mobile app which will make investing in crypto easier and more efficient than our competitors.”

coinpass mobile, available free on the Apple App Store and Google play, simplifies the entire on-boarding and investment process by allowing users to create their own secure, customized portfolio of digital assets without going through multiple KYC set-up hurdles.

Jeff adds, “At coinpass, our vision is to blur the line between banking and crypto into a single digital layer. We all must take a step forward in educating ourselves about cryptocurrency and blockchain as it is the future of finance, there’s no doubt about it.”

“As we develop our app and add new features, users will be able to rebalance their portfolio, monitor profitability of their portfolio, check the status of the market at a glance as well as be able to earn passive income in through innovative products in the future.”

How does it work?

coinpass Mobile allows users to buy, sell, trade and HODL multiple cryptocurrencies on a single platform. At launch, the top five cryptocurrencies will be supported including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ripple, with more to follow. Transactions on the app are seamless, with banking deposits via Faster Payments Network in the UK and EURO deposits over SEPA to be supported soon after. All crypto transactions are handled securely and safely and securely via our cold storage solutions.

Why coinpass?

The modern-day digital exchange market is filled with multiple choices, thus making it difficult for novice and even veteran crypto users to choose the right exchange or trading platform. coinpass was awarded the best cryptocurrency exchange platform for trading in 2020 by the media giant, the City AM, and the launch of the coinpass mobile has been designed to make access to crypto easier for everyone.

Have confidence knowing your crypto assets are covered by insurance your funds are safely held in offline cold storage and will always remain within the boundaries of the UK. coinpass Mobile is also tested for speed, reliability, and quality service even during peak market times to ensure the users get the service they deserve. In case of an issue, coinpass offers top of class quality customer service, around the clock to ensure no questions are left unanswered.

Why the UK market?

With the growing interest of the Bank of England and the UK’s citizens in digital currencies, it’s clear that the exponential growth of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology has caused ripples across the country’s financial services sector. Today, the country is home to millions of crypto wallet users, which raise the demand for a solution that is reliable and extremely secure. Keeping this demand in the mind, coinpass created a UK-based solution, which offers cold storage to ensure the security of digital assets, remains within the boundaries of the United Kingdom.