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Finastra Solutions named Best-in-class


Finastra commercial loan origination solutions top Aite Group ranking for vendor stability and client strength

Aite Group has awarded Finastra “Best-in-Class” status for its commercial loan origination solutions, including Total Lending powered by LaserPro and FusionBanking Credit Management Enterprise (CME). The standing reinforces Finastra’s position as the industry leader in end-to-end commercial lending.

Aite Group’s bi-annual report, Commercial Loan Origination: Scoping the Market and Comparing the Vendors, is a comprehensive review and ranking of the 10 leading global commercial loan origination vendors. It uses a highly governed and quantitative vendor evaluation methodology known as the Aite Impact Matrix (AIM), which provides an in-depth market assessment of financial technology vendors.

Total Lending, powered by LaserPro (the installed base of which was evaluated based on the long-standing D+H commercial loan origination capabilities that comprise this new “good-better-best” tiered offering) was recognized by Aite Group as having the highest client strength score. This was the result of “the size of its installed base, its diversity by institution type, its growth rate over the last five years, an excellent assessment of management reputation by its reference customers, and the number of provided reference customers, which was the highest among all the examined vendors.”

FusionBanking Credit Management Enterprise obtained the highest score for product features, delivering on the largest number of required commercial loan origination functionalities with the least amount of required configuration or custom code.

Finastra also received the “All Things to Everyone” award for its breadth of offerings from a single vendor. Formed by the combination of Misys and D+H in June 2017, Finastra solutions were assessed by Aite Group under the two separate company entities. However, the report recognizes that if the analysis were to have been performed based on the new, unified company, it would have received the highest vendor stability and client strength scores in the study.

Finastra’s roadmap reveals plans to integrate product capabilities, expanding established strengths across solutions, and expanding into new markets,” said David O’Connell, Senior Analyst, Aite Group. “In doing this, Finastra’s solutions will deliver enhanced benefits to lenders, serving the market better than the sum of its parts.

Finastra brings together deep expertise and unrivalled breadth and depth of pre-integrated solutions for commercial loan origination,” said Robin Crewe, CTO, Lending & Transaction Banking, Finastra. “As we integrate our solutions and drive innovation, we are redefining what constitutes best-in-class in financial software.”