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ReceiptHero and Worldline support the move from paper receipts to digital checkout


ReceiptHero, the Finnish fintech that has built an open ecosystem for banks and merchants to power itemised digital receipts, has today inked a partnership with Worldline, the European market leader in payment and transaction services. For merchants trying to provide a safe environment for customers to shop in, digital receipts provide the final step in truly contactless shopping.

Through this strategic collaboration, Worldline and ReceiptHero will collaborate to provide customers with a way to get digital receipts in real-time to banking applications. In September, ReceiptHero won Worldline’s E-Payments Challenge by grand jury vote and soon after got to work on figuring out how the partnership would look like. The jury valued ReceiptHero’s strong ecosystem thinking, fully covering the complexity of the payment landscape, linking the payer, payee and various partners within the chain. ‘It’s impressive, the speed Worldline has moved to forge a partnership with ReceiptHero.

Worldline is the ideal partner for us to truly scale our platform across Europe and we are really pleased to have our teams join forces. With our shared knowledge, Worldline and ReceiptHero will be able to deliver on a truly digital checkout experience for both customers and merchants”. Chris Moore, COO at ReceiptHero

“ReceiptHero is a perfect match for our identification service WL One Link. I strongly believe that this partnership will enhance the customer experience at the POS and at the same time contribute to a more eco-friendly check-out. Together with ReceiptHero, we will bring to the market a digital receipt proposition to support the full payment value chain for all ecosystem players. This partnership also illustrates our speed to build collaborations with fintechs to create the services of tomorrow.” Michael Petiot, Head of Alliances & Partnerships at Worldline