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How you can Avoid Delays to your DBS Checks


Delays to DBS checks can be incredibly inconvenient. So, DBS experts Personnel Checks, have put together the guide on how you can avoid delays to your DBS checks, and how to deal with delays if they happen.

Dealing with delays to your DBS checks

Delays to DBS checks can be incredibly inconvenient. If you’re waiting on a DBS check for an employee, any delays can unfortunately prevent them from working.

We often hear from people who are feeling the effects of issues in the application process. While there’s no instant fix, there are several things you can do to make sure applications go through smoothly, and ways to escalate things should any delays still happen:

How to avoid delays to your DBS checks

To ensure the protection of children and vulnerable adults, the DBS process is rigorous. Once an application is sent to the DBS and reaches stage 4 (has been passed on to the police), you have to be prepared to wait up to 60 days for all of the necessary checks to be completed.

Rather than waiting until delays happen to take action, one of the best things you can do is to try to prevent them from occurring altogether. For example, using an online system like ours is far faster than sending your forms out in the post, and removes the risk of them disappearing.

Another benefit of using an online system is that it checks the form as you’re completing it, eliminating the chances of you sending a form off that’s incorrect or has information missing. Personnel Checks also promise to submit all applications on the same day that they’re received, reducing the time it takes for the process to begin even further.

Take a look at our recent piece on speeding up your DBS application for more tips and advice on avoiding delays.

Dealing with delays to your DBS checks if they happen

From time to time, some DBS checks can still face delays for a number of reasons.

If a check has been at stage 4 for over 60 days, Personnel Checks will contact the DBS to raise an escalation with the police force. Unfortunately, no information can be given as to why a delay has happened for confidentiality reasons.