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Fintech Finance Presents: The Fintech Magazine Issue 18


In this episode of The Fintech Magazine, we have a look at who you are? Trulioo goes deep in our cover story around KYC; with the likes of Santander, Natwest, Nuance & AIB talking Biometrics

Clim8 is an impact investment wealthtech that cuts through the greenwash to focus on the E in ESG. Cocoa Invest, a halal investment startup, believes there is a moral vacuum at the heart of corporate governance that’s making a mockery of ethical portfolios. Stake, meanwhile, can’t understand why it’s so hard for small-change investors to get a foothold in the biggest stock market in the world. Each is addressing a specific investment issue and fixing it in a unique and inventive way – and they all feature in our extended look this month at a sector that has itself continued to attract big dollars during COVID-19.

Having captured the Cloud, mobile-only Atom bank has begun a new stage on it’s journey on page 44 with CTO Rana Bhattacharya. We also take a deep dive into the likes of Thought Machine and Finastra into infrastructure on the cloud.

In lieu of physically being at Sibos this year, James Tall weighs in on the first Digital Sibos on page 52

We also look at some of the coolest neo banks entering the market with NorthOne in Canada, freshly minted unicorn Greenlight in the US, and Stack in India.

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In this edition, we feature… drum roll…

  • Zac Cohen, Trulioo
  • Adam Dodds, Freetrade
  • Marcel van Oost
  • Duncan Grierson, Clim8 Invest
  • Tim Sheehan, Greenlight
  • …and many more!